Who are Mr. and Mrs. Barracuda?

Mr. Barracuda and I, Mrs. Barracuda (Mr. and Mrs. B for short) would like to welcome you to our blog – insight into our penultimate goal: financial independence/early retirement (aka “F*ck you money”).

To backtrack (way back), when Mr. B was in college, a spark was ignighted after reading “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and he began to think of money differently – not as a way to buy things, but as a means to buy freedom. In another State, two years earlier, Mrs. B, also in college, was opening a credit card that earned dollars towards a 529 college savings account for children that wouldn’t exist for another decade…

Fast forward many moons and these two star crossed soul mates ultimately married and began a journey focused on the pursuit of happiness and living on their own terms, all before the age of 40.

We’ve chosen to use pseudonyms at this point, but may in the future reveal more about ourselves. For now, this blog will anonymously document our journey and hopefully give readers a better understanding of how and why we are doing this…


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