What is financial independence (to us)?

For us, two people who have worked in corporate America for more than a decade, financial independence means no longer working for money, but making our money work for us.

What we mean by this is that should we decide to leave our high-paying jobs (or worst case scenario, get laid off), our savings and investments will pay for our lifestyle indefinitely.

Why are we doing this? I think that answer is a bit obvious given the fact that no one wants to work for the man forever, spending the best hours of everyday behind a computer screen. Don’t get me wrong, we don’t dislike our jobs. We just don’t want to waste our very limited time on making money to buy things – things that aren’t as fufilling as spending time with our two beautiful children.

Most of our peers fall into the consumer trap – a constant buzz of commercials telling them that they will be happier or perceived as successful if they just buy a fancy car or a bigger house. Like most Americans, we enjoy luxury items and would love to live in a mansion, but we’ve just come to realize it’s not worth the extra years of corporate slavery to pay for those things.

In our case, Financial independence may not provide for a brand new Mercedes or 4500 square feet of living space,  but it will provide for freedom to spend our time how we wish with who we wish – all before the age of 40.

The next question then is, how are we going to do this?


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